Top 10 Ways World War II Affected India

War is hell. World War II’s direct impact and its repercussions still lay imprinted on the face of earth. Countries still fear to go on war for fear of triggering another World War. India’s role and loss during World War II though huge has always been underplayed. This article will cover 10 positive and negative effects World War II had on India. Top 10 Ways World War II Affected India

10. Quit India Campaign

Quit India Campaign - World War II Affected India

It became clear following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor that India was the next target of Japanese forces. To avoid India’s support to Axis forces, Stafford Cripps was sent to India to negotiate a deal with Congress for India’s full cooperation during the war. He offered full Dominion status with right to leave the Empire and Commonwealth when the war was over. This was the first time, British hinted at giving India independence on agreement. Cripps also suggested that any province not wishing to join India could become an independent country. Congress and Nehru rejected this proposal and demanded a full cabinet government with integration of all Indian provinces into one nation. On rejection of these demands, Gandhi with the support of Congress led a non-violent ‘Quit India’ campaign. When this movement was growing out of control, British actively suppressed the movement with over 1,00,000 arrests and dissolution of Congress. From 1942 to 1944, there was no congress. It was one of the largest movements led for Indian independence.

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