Top 10 Notable Indian Islands

Top 10 Notable Indian Islands

India has a total of more than 600individual islands spread over Bay of Bengal, Arabian Seas and other parts of India, but a few of them deserve a special mention. Here is a list of Top 10 Notable Indian Islands.

10. Mumbai

Mumbai - Top 10 Notable Indian Islands

Mumbai was a group of many islands in the Arabian Sea that over a span of centuries were connected to form the modern city of Mumbai that we know of today. The map shown above is the map of Mumbai in 1893. Originally, Mumbai consisted of seven islands that over a period of time were physical united through various land reclamation projects. The original seven islands consisted of isle of Bombay, Mahim, Parel, Colaba, Little Colaba, Worli and Mazagaon. Later the islands of Trombay and Salsette were merged to form the Greater Mumbai. Due to environmental concerns and a series of injunctions issued by Supreme Court, the magnitude and the number of land reclamation projects have decreased in recent years.

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