Top 10 Hindu Temples Outside India

A Temple, mandir, kovil, devalay or devasthanam is considered as the holiest place of worship by Hindus. Temples were constructed by Hindu kings in the Asian subcontinent from the present Pakistan to Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. In recent times though as Indians have immigrated all over the world, numerous Temples have been built for Hindus to come together in a foreign country to celebrate festivals of Hindu importance. Here is a list of top 10 unique and important Hindu temples outside India.


10. African Hindu Monastery (Accra, Ghana)

African Hindu Monastery - Hindu Temples Outside India

African Hindu Monastery was set up by Swami Ghananand Saraswati. This Hindu Temple is peculiar in the sense that none of the devotees of the temple are Indians. The indigenous African devotees have no links with India nor have they visited India, but they strictly follow religious rules and observe Hindu rituals in traditional Hindu way. All the devotees are converted Christians, but continue to keep their Christian names. However, they give their young ones Hindu names like Rama and Krishna. More than 2000 indigenous Africans come to the temple quite regularly.

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