The Anonymous — Indian Short Film by Ugly Butterfly

3rd Place in RESONANCE 6.0. Shortlisted at Top 8 Short Films in SREY 2K14. Screened at Bits2Bytes’14. Screened at U-FILM’2014

We always believe what we are told to believe as truth. We never judge the streams and find it safer to be dictated. In this way, we gradually loose our own philosophy and activities. But anyone from the mob, who refuses to think in any repeated pattern, can change the game.

Abhradeep Gangopadhyay (writer & Director).
Snehasis Mitra (Cinematography).
Debanjan Saha (Edit).
Navonil Bhattacharya (Sound Engineer).
Arghya Bhattacharya (Act).


What do you think?

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