25 Interesting Facts About Bhagavad Gita

11-15 Interesting Facts About Bhagavad Gita

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11. Wisdom becomes inaccessible due to selfish attitude – open up: Just as a mirror covered by dust does not reflect images of objects, wisdom, too, gets obscured by selfish attitude. A selfish person cannot perceive the truth as it is when tackling relationship issues in day to day life due to his nature. Whether a person wishes to gain material wealth, succeed in a profession or acquire spiritual wisdom, giving up personal agendas is absolutely necessary to wade through doubts and disappointments.

12. The Supreme Being is always with you – always: Mere acceptance of this sublime truth can transform the life of a person. It is the Supreme Being which acts through every living being. Releasing oneself from worries and all other negative emotions is easy by surrendering oneself to the almighty. Since a human being is only an instrument in the hands of God, regretting the past or fearing the future is pointless. The natural harmony of mind and soul is restored by recognizing the Omnipresent.

13. Do not abstain from ‘action’ – it doesn’t help: Running away from duties is not the way forward. Spiritual wisdom or eternal peace cannot be acquired by forsaking friends or family members. In fact, it is not even possible to refrain from activity while living in the materialistic world. It is therefore advisable to fulfill all duties with utmost dedication. Renouncing various physical actions without subduing the constantly wandering mind is useless.

14. Equanimity in Actions – be free from the expectation of the outcome: Most people end up doing a lot less than they’re capable of in their lives. It happens mostly due to the reason that they are either sedated by pleasure or pain. Every act of theirs stems from a wish to get rewards. If Steve Jobs, for example, did not just enjoy ‘working on unique designs and intuitive user experience’, he would have been far less successful. When a person is unaffected by potential success or failure, he is more likely to pour in all his energies in even small day to day actions.

15. Overcome desires – experience the stillness of mind: All thoughts, feelings and desires take birth in the mind. Looking deep within one’s own self is not possible without first stabilizing the mind. The mind can be really quite only when a person is free from the countless desires. Just as we can look at the bottom of the ocean only when there are no ripples on the surface, the secrets of mind, heart and soul can only be known when there are no desires on the surface. Stillness of mind can open doors to wisdom, peace and tranquility for anyone.

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