10 most ridiculous and tasteless alongside Hollywood stars for January 2016

It would seem that Hollywood stars are the people who have to watch their style like no other, because they are public figures, which are closely watched and which are smoothed by millions. But in fact, have celebrities do not always get to look stylish and elegant, sometimes their clothes are tasteless and even ridiculous than cause genuine interest from the paparazzi who would not miss an opportunity to take pictures of stars failures.


In this form of Bai Ling appeared immediately after the New Year, apparently alluding to the fact that this kind of fantasy on the theme of the costume of Santa Claus. Well, we hope that Santa still has not come to any child, bringing with them gifts in addition to still traumatized.


We do not know exactly how it’s spent the evening Beyoncé, but judging by her jacket, which looks as if the singer was rolling on the floor in the apartment repaired, dinner was fun.

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