What was that?

I heard a different type of story from my bro Nikhil. I will write here now. Nikhil and his two friend dev and somesh, three were studied in Bangalore IIM. Somesh was the local boy, once they went for fun in the holiday outside of Bangalore. Somesh room was vacant and they planned to spend the night on Somesh’s room. After the whole day run out all of them wsa tired and they came back to SOmesh’s apartment at 1 A.M, after some chit-chat they fell asleep around 2 A.M. There was no bed in the room and they had to sleep on cot mattress. Somesh and dev fell asleep quickly and Nikhil had a habit of sleeping with soft music.


Around 3.15 A.M Nikhil wake up and heard something different sound not from his mobile because his mobile was timed at 2.30 for automatic off. He just saw the time on his radium watch. The sound was eerie, changed the atmosphere with full of horror somehow. Everything was silent other than that. Even dev was woke up from sleep by it. They both realized that Somesh must snoring in his sleep. Dev just pushed a little on Somesh’s back and the sound was stopped.

When they tried to sleep again within 5 minutes Somesh’s started to make this sound again with little more intensity, they pushed him again and he stopped.

The room was fully dark and the power was gone. Somesh did it for third time with more fierceful sound, Dev kicked him and he stopped again. But within 20 minute from first time he did it he started fourth time.


Nikhil this time tried to pull his hair and he turned to pale in fear when he touched Somesh’s hair. Somesh has a short hair but what he just catched it is a very long hair as ladies. He shouted with a sound of fear and leave it. At this moment the light came. They just saw Somesh had woke up with full of fear in his eye. They asked him he just told he had a bad dream.

Rest of the night Nikhil couldn’t sleep for a moment nether dev. But they didn’t talked to each other too. After that day Somesh invited them again but they refused each time. There is really something dark and eerie on Somesh’s apartment. Nikhil didn’t found any answer for that after that night.