Top 10 Indian Comic Book Characters

3. Super Commando Dhruva

Dhruv-Indian Comic Book Characters

Super Commando Dhruva or otherwise known as Captian Dhruva is a famous characters of comic series published by Raj Comics. Dhruva was created by Anupam Sinha back in 1987. According to the origin story, Dhruva was born to a couple working as trapeze artists in a circus. At the age of 14, his parents as killed to a conspiracy in the business and he swears to dedicate his life to fight crime and terrorism. The comic is published both in Hindi and English and is said to be highly inspired in the lines of DC Comics’ character of Batman. He received most of his martial art, acrobatic and stunt training in the circus itself. With no inherent super power, his only supernatural power seems to be the ability to communicate with most animals and birds, which he learned in circus during childhood. His lack of super powers is equally compensated with his detective skills, scientific knowledge and acrobatics and martial art skills. It is immensely popular in the north Indian states and abroad, but has had a bad stint in non-Hindi speaking states of India.