Top 10 Indian Comic Book Characters

 4. Doga

Doga-Indian Comic Book Characters

Doga is the first and the only antihero character in entire Raj Comics universe. Doga was first published in 1992 in the issue titled Curfew. The character was created by Tarun Kumar Wahi and Sanjay Gupta and was designed and illustrated by Manu. Doga along with Dhruva and Nagraj are the three most popular characters published by Raj Comics. Doga has a huge fan base with Hindi readers. Suraj, an orphan due to his bad life experiences is compelled to become a vigilante and eradicate all evil against humanity. He adopts a new persona and names himself Doga concealing his true identity behind a dog mask. Doga believes in rooting out the problem instead of solving it. As the entire system is corrupted, Doga is not bothered about upholding the laws and rules. More than 175 titles have been published under this famous character to date.