Top 10 Indian Comic Book Characters

5. The Sadhu

The Sadhu-Indian Comic Book Characters

The Sadhu is an Indian comic series based on the character of the same name published and distributed in India and abroad by Liquid Comics, earlier known as Virgin Comics. It was created and conceptualized by Gotham Chopra and artist, Jeevan Kang. The story of The Sadhu is based on the character of a British soldier named James Jensen, who comes to India during the British rule in India. He eventually discovers that he is the reincarnation of a great sage from the ancient era. The story primarily deals with the lessons that he has to learn so as to remove his connection with his current life. The comic book was well received and was praised of having more mature storyline and surreal artwork. The use of Hindu history and mythology alongside many fantasy elements has been said to have brought out a fresh approach within the comic series.