Top 10 Indian Comic Book Characters

 9. Pinki

Pinki-Indian Comic Book Characters

Pinki is a lead character in the comic series published by Diamond Comics. The character was created by the famous Indian cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma in 1978. Pinki is a mischievous five-year-old girl, who creates a lot of problems. Champu, Bhiku and her neighbor Jhaptji are other notable characters from the series. The character of Pinki resembles American comiccharacter, Dennis the Menace, who is mischievous and creates a lot of trouble for his neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Jhaptji, Pinki’s close neighbor, is much annoyed with her antics. According to the storyline of the series, whenever Pinki tries to help Jhaptji, she creates lot of chaos and messes everything around for everyone. Pinki has also been featured in several issues of Chacha Chaudhary and Billoo comic series.