Top 10 Greatest Freedom Fighters of India

The Indian War of Independence from the British Colonial Powers lasted for numerous decades and finally after a long struggle freedom was achieved. It was a war that abolished British supremacy in the world. Hundreds and thousands of men, women and children fought for it till their last breath and some like Shaheed Bhagat Singh even in their death. I might not be able to pay my respects to all of those great souls. But that doesn’t mean that their contribution wasn’t worthwhile. The free air that we breath, and every walk that we take is all because of those noble ones and this is  a tribute to them- This one is to them, to Freedom!

10. Bahadur Shah Zafar

The last Mughal Emperor of India, Bahadur Shah was a poet and had little ambitions of expanding his territory which now was merely the Red fort. The British has already taken power over the majority of the country. When the Revolt of 1847 started, he and all his sons participated to free India. He led his army for the sepoy mutiny against the East India Company. The revolt didn’t succeed and Shah along with his sons was tried in court for rebelling. He was exiled to Rangoon (Now Bangladesh). Even after the defeat, he said “Ghāzioń méń bū rahegi jab talak imān ki; Takht-e-London tak chalegi tégh Hindustan ki” (As long as there remains the scent of faith in the hearts of our Ghazis, so long shall the sword of Hindustan flash before the throne of London). It is believed that on the day of Nouroj (Persian New Years) which is one of the biggest festivals, he was presented with chopped heads of his sons by a British Officer. Even then instead of showing remorse of showing his weakness in front of the colonial powers he said “Praise be to Allah, that descendents of Timur always come in front of their fathers in this way.”

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