Top 10 Caves of India

Most of the Indian caves are now sheltered and maintained by theArcheological Society of India, and thus one needs permissions and registrations. We list here the top 10places for caving in India. Explore away!Caving in India is very popular considering the number of caves onecan find here. Every state has a number of caves worth exploring. There is the right mix of history, spirituality, mystery, meditation, and adventure incave explorations.

10.  Dungeshwari Cave Temples, Bihar

The famous Dungeshwari caves house the Buddhist temples that are very artistically structured. The Dungeshwari cave temples are also popularly known as the Mahakala caves. These are the caves where it is believed the Buddha spent a lot of years meditating, before going to Bodhygaya and attaining enlightenment. The place is a tourist hub, especially for those who follow Buddhism. Meditation and spiritual time can be spent in these caves, which offer optimum peace and serenity to the souls.