Top 10 Bizarre Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria


4. Delhi Onion Witch

Delhi Onion Witch-Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria

In March of 2005 rumors began circulating about a witch that had been visiting homes in parts of Delhi and was behind the cause of several deaths. According to the rumors, a witch in the guise of a hungry woman rings the doorbell and asks for an onion. If she is given the onion, she cuts it in half and blood squirts out of it following which the onion donor dies instantly. These rumors were reported principally by the residents of Sagarpur area of Delhi. In another version of the story there were three witches doing the round of the area. Even the natural deaths in the area were attributed to her black magic. Homes in Sagarpur area were painted with maroon and yellow palm prints on the doors to ward off the evil witch.