Top 10 Bizarre Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria

5. Muhnochwa

Muhnochwa-Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria

In September of 2002, newspapers in Uttar Pradesh reported a mystery monster lusting for people’s flesh and blood. The monster was described by eyewitnesses as an unidentified flying object that scratches people’s faces. It had been named Muhnochwa (face-scratcher) by its victims. The reports mainly originated in nearly 100 villages in Balia-Ghaziabad belt of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Even the DIG of Faizabad could not resist his take on the mystery: the ‘muhnochwa’ was a “genetically-engineered, three-inch-long insect let loose by anti-national elements.” Other theories of the mystery involved UFOs and aliens. Locals got down to night patrols and vigils to grab this mystery monster. The fear of this eerie creature resulted in death through lynching of over half a dozen of people who were unlucky enough to be mistaken as muhnuchwa by the over-alert villagers. In all cases people saw a ball-like object emitting different colors and travelling sideways. IIT Kanpur submitted a report on the phenomenon saying it is a natural occurrence, also observed in other countries, created by severe dry spells leading to poor conductivity of the earth. The ball can produce about 100 watts of electricity and when it hits a person’s body, especially the face, it causes a burning sensation and rashes break out.