Top 10 Bizarre Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria


8. Chaddi-Baniyan Gang

Chaddi-Banian Gang-Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria


In the early months of 2012, residents of Mumbai and Thane registered complaints against alleged Chaddi-Baniyan gang. The gang as the name suggests adorned just vests and shorts, entered people’s homes during broad daylight and attacked them only to abscond with their valuables. Even instances of pedestrians being attacked were reported. Many societies in Thane and Mumbai formed groups to patrol each night armed with bamboos, iron rods and clubs to nab the members of this notorious gang. This led to several innocent people being beaten black and blue by the vigilantes. Interestingly though there was a gang of robbers by the same name of Pardhi community who had similar modus operandi, but were caught by police long ago and were nowhere near the state of Maharashtra.