Top 10 Bizarre Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria


1. Hindu Milk Miracle

Hindu Milk Miracle-Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria

Hindu Milk Miracle was a phenomenon witnessed on September 21, 1995 when it was reported that when a spoonful of milk was held up to the trunk of Ganesh statue, milk was said to disappear, supposedly taken in by the idol. By mid-morning, the word had spread to all parts of India and statues in temples throughout India reported similar phenomenon and by noon Hindu temples throughout the world reported the same. Hindus started queueing in front of even small temples in large numbers to offer milk to idols of Hindu gods. Demand for milk on that day alone sprung to more than 30% in some parts of India. By evening, news channels reported people experiencing similar phenomenon even with other household objects like spanners. Skeptics believe this to be a classic case of mass hysteria. Similar incidents came forward in August of 2006 and September of 2010, but these were limited to a small demographic.