Top 10 Bizarre Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria is a phenomenon in which a large group of people exhibit similar psychological or emotional symptoms or an incomprehensible event. It probably often occurs when agroup of people collectively suffer from some kind of psychological stress and anxiety. In India it is not uncommon to come across incidences of masshysteria. India’s cultural and religiousmultiplicity can often wrench a small rumor into a full-fledged mass hysteria. Here is a compilation of top 10 bizarre Indian cases of mass hysteria.


10. Foreigners Attacked from Mass Hysteria

Women beaten mass hysteria-Indian Cases of Mass Hysteria

In July of 1957 two American women were beaten black and blue by villagers after rumors went around in the village averring them to be kidnappers. The incident supposedly occurred in a village near New Delhi. Two American women, Ms. Alice McKinney and Ms. Dorothy Barbee were employees of the United States technical cooperation mission to India. The rumor gained fire as there had been a few kidnappings in the area recently. The women forgave the villagers and hoped that the authorities would not deal with villagers’ harshly.