Look At The Amazing Pictures Of A Father Who Fulfill His Son’s Wish By Exploring 41 Countries

Some say that if you’re bored of Europe, you’re bored of life. So why not do it all at once and explore this beautiful continent? Sounds crazy right? But there is a Romanian family who did it all- on a Ural Ranger sidecar in the summer of 2015. Minai Barbu, his girlfriend and their son embarked on a journey which covered 41 countries and 28000 kilometers which included swimming in icy cold waters, camping in the middle of nowhere, ferry rides, rocky beaches, encountering sandstorms, befriending monkeys and what not. The couple wanted to show their son, what the world was like, stood against the odds and did it all! And the most beautiful part, collecting flags of the respective countries as souvenirs from their sojourns, which will leave an everlasting memory for the rest of their lives.

1. First Stop was Bucharest, Romania


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