Hand under the bed

I am a fond of ghost stories from my childhood. I experienced it from when I was in 5th standard. I am spiritual more than others of my house.

In a Sunday when my oldest sister’s boyfriend came over he told me many scariest ghost stories. As the stories got deeper and scarier, I begin to cry because I was too scared. That next Monday morning, we four sisters and brother, got up to get ready to go to school. We had two younger sisters who weren’t in school yet.


Our bedroom is on the upstairs, when we are getting out for school my elder sister asked me to get her jacket from upstairs. So I ran towards my sister’s room.

She had her room was the finest rooms among us, it was very well decorated. Her twin size bed was centered in the middle of the room.I began to look for her jacket, suddenly I saw an arm, the hands slip out from under her bed.


I thought at the moment it was my younger sister so I went down to look her. The hand did a half circle slide on the ground and went back under the bed. To catch her I lifted the bed and at that instant, I felt shivers through out my whole body. I ran with crying towards my elders.

When they search for the hand they found nothing. Many years have passed but I still feel so fear when I think about those 5 seconds. I don’t believe this was my imagination so please don’t tell us so.