Ghost of the Nurse

I live in a place named as ‘Baji Rao Hospital’. It’s in the northern part of Silchar. This hospital has been running for more than 250 years. There is a number of old structures constructed by the British rulers of India at that time. It is a very good place to spend some leisure time.


What incident I will tell you today is of the year 2008. My mother was a doctor in the hospital I just told you. In a October evening I was coming back from my play and decided to see my mom in ‘Baji Rao Hospital. She was busy in her work with patients and said me to wait outside. I sat on the stairs for sometimes. I heard anyone coming on the staircase and saw them it was a nurse.


She was carrying syringe and bottles and her head was bowed down. I almost knew all of the stuffs of there. But did’t recognized her so for seeing her face I just looked back while she passed me just. It was a blood chilling time when I found there was no one. I ran to my mom and asked her about the nurse if she just came to her but she said no and asked me why I am so scared. She didn’t believe me.

I never sat alone on that stairs again and never have seen her too.