Book Review: Baramulla Bomber – Science Fiction Espionage Thriller

Baramulla_BomberThough I have been quite an avid reader, I never really had a chance to give a Book Review.  When I was intrigued by the synopsis of Baramulla Bomber, I called it in for review.  This book is Suraj Clark Prasad’s first work of Fiction of his Svastik Triology.  The reason I decided this book was apt for this blog was that it was a perfect concoction of cricket, politics, espionage, religion, Indian history, everything the readers of our website love.

Info About the Book

Title:             Baramulla Bomber

ISBN:            978-93-81523-97-1

Series:           Swastik Trilogy #1 (EKa)

Author:        Clark Prasad

Pages:           315

Release :      Aug 2013

Price:            INR 395

Genre:          Science Fiction Thriller


An Ancient Weapon from the Vedas & Bible Once Hunted by the Nazis Powered by the Sound of the Universe Reborn with the Help of Quantum Physics Going to be Unleashed onto the World And Kashmir Holds its Secret

The only way

Multiple intelligence agencies are tracking Mansur Haider, a god-fearing aspiring cricketer from Kashmir. His girlfriend, Aahana Yajurvedi, is trying to locate her missing mountaineering team, which vanished after a mysterious earthquake struck Shaksgam Valley. Investigating Mansur and the Shaksgam Valley incident is Swedish intelligence officer, Adolf Silfverskiold, whose only relationship to God consists of escorting his girlfriend to Church.

To save the world

A dual China-Pakistan battlefront scenario facing the Indian Home Minister, Agastya Rathore, whose ancestors carry a prehistoric secret linked to the stars. He is faced with the challenge of finding a lasting solution to the Kashmir crisis.

Is to challenge one’s faith

Which biblical weapon was tested in Shaksgam valley? Why is Mansur Haider important? Is there a solution to the Kashmir crisis? Can destiny be controlled? Does a cosmic religion exist?


The tagline of the Baramulla Bomber reads “Quantum Physics meets Bible & Vedas in Background of Kashmir & Cricket.”  When I first read this title, the first thing to strike my mind was that the author must have juggled too many balls to please all kinds of audience.  Come on, Physics, Vedas, Bible, Kashmir, Cricket, Science Fiction and Espionage?  These just seemed too many things in one line.  But just like the varied ingredients in Sambhar come together to make this delicious South Indian cuisine, this book was able to quench my mental appetite thoroughly and I enjoyed every bite of it.

The author strongly portrays each character’s summary in a fashion that it was more than just a book, it was a mental cinematic experience.  The plot revolves around four main charactersMansur Haider, an aspiring cricketer from Kashmir, Agastya Rathore, Indian home minister,Adolf Silfverskiold, a Swedish intelligence officer and Ahana Yajurvedi, Mansur’s girlfriend.

The reviewers have clearly been advised against giving away any details of plots and spoilers online, so I will just walk you through the central theme of the book.  The curtain opens with a meeting of a secret council of royalties inside a misty cave in Scotland in the year 1947, which is bombed halfway through its progression.  It’s sole survivor, Abhimanyu Kashyapa, just a teenager comes back to India and goes on to play a very important role in the progression of the plot.

The author has interwoven true historical events and establishments into this science fiction novel seamlessly.  I was blown away by not only by the amazing story line, but also the amount of research done by Suraj Prasad, be it historical, religious or scientific.  He also gives us an understanding on the internal workings of intelligence agencies, their agents, their codes, covers, missions, Indian Intelligence Bureau, Foreign Intelligence Agencies, the life they live, the sacrifices they make, all while the world is oblivious to the fact that they even exist.

Baramulla Bomber was a heavy subject for a first time writer, Prasad, but he has done justice to it.  In a true sense, I would say this is a not just an Indian novel, but its a worthy International novel.  This is the kind of book that I long to see on the big screen.   Bollywood or Hollywood, doesn’t matter, but Hollywood would do justice to its characters, the plotline and the action sequences.

Clark Prasad will return with the second installment of his Svastik Triology, The Consultant: Shopno Paradox, which has been dubbed to be an Paranormal Espionage Thriller.  I am really looking forward to it.  You can order you copy from Flipkart here.