Black Magic on my Mom

This is a real incident happened to my mother.

This was started with a morning of 2007, my mom usually wakes up at 6 A.M. On this day she wake up from her regular time and started her daily work. Somehow she fell in the bathroom by slipping. It was not really anything major and dangerous. But she started to scream after she had fallen. Me and my sister ran to the bathroom. As my father wasn’t there he was out for work and we get panicked as mom could stand up. She told us she fell softly but can’t manage to stand. It was really strange, we brought her on the bed.


When dad returned home, he called doc, Mom was starting to have a pain on the back. The Ortho doc didn’t find anything but he suggested a test. For that mom was admitted in the hospital. After two days all reports clearly saying there was nothing for that she is suffering the pain.

Here I need to say in short about a lady, who is cousin of my mom. Stays in our town too. Though we don’t like her too much but she visits our home and very much welcomed by my good but little bit idiot mom and dad. Me and my sister told them to avoid this woman because she had a bad reputation for practicing dark magic. Many people known it though she never admitted it. In the February she arrived and requested my father to find a good job for his son. My father told her he will try his best. After some day she arrived again with her family to stay here for a week. This was really unnatural as her house isn’t too far from our home. But as she is a relative we arranged the guest room in the upstairs for them. We almost forgot about them later. stairs for the weekend. They all left on Sunday evening and we all forgot about the visit.


Now after the mishappens with my mom, my sister first suspected if it is some black magic done by that aunt or not. We started to search the room where they stayed for one week. We almost made a mess in the upstairs room but did’t found anything. Suddenly our caretaker advised me to look on the rack where all useless stuffs are packed. I took down that baggage and search into it. Then I saw something, there was a piece of wood, about 3″ long and ½ inch in width. It was rolled in with a piece of black cloth and there were some strands of hair and a paper put in with it. I freaked out as it seemed weird. I asked the caretaker to sweep the whole thing on to a dustpan.


We saw a hair and a ribbon of my mother, and a piece of my mom’s clothes with it. Some date was there dates were written in a paper. I astonished the date was starting from the date my mother has fallen in the bathroom. We went outside and made this things burnt all together. My sister said it is smelling like burning lots of hair. But there was only a single hair, did’t understand why and told this to father when he returned home on that day.

We contacted a priest, friend of my father, he blessed our home and told we did a good job by burning this.

Within one month my mom recovered though we didn’t told her about the things we burnt. Mom told us she felt some one always with her and she feared lots. Someone tried to make her fear about her children in her dream. Now she don’t see bad dream too. After that the cousin of my mother didn’t shown her face towards our home.