30 Interesting Facts About India – Part 11


Indian Cobra

1. When the British in the colonial city of Delhi introduced a bounty on cobras to eliminate them from the city due to their growing population, it resulted in a cobra population boom. The bounty was greater than the cost of breeding a cobra, and the citizens were breeding them to sell to the government. The term “Cobra Effect” was then coined for such incentives or schemes that exacerbate the problem they were introduced to address – Source

2. The archaic Chinese and Japanese names for India, Tianzhu and Tenjiku respectively,translate to “heaven center(of)” (i.e. spiritual center) in reference to the Indian origins of Buddhism. – Source

3. Nokku kooli is an unofficial labor norm in Kerala under which you need to pay the labor union even if work is being done mechanically or by in house employees. – Source

4. The Hindi words choli(blouse, worn with sari) and pallu(end piece in the sari) are derived from the names of Tamil clans/dynasties, Cholas and Pallavas respectively – Source

5. The water between India and Sri Lanka in Palk Strait is only 3 feet to 30 feet deep. It was reportedly passable on foot until 1480 AD when a cyclone moved some sand around. – Source